Celebrating Mother’s Day

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In today’s modern world, it’s easy to get all-consumed in the fast pace of everyday life. So much so, that we often fail to stop and recognise the selfless and unconditional love, support and encouragement we get from our loved ones…especially from our Mum’s!

This perception is nicely captured on a YouTube video titled “The World’s Toughest Job / Director of Operations”.

During interview, candidates were informed that the role required in excess of 135 hours per week, with no holidays, no sick days, and no pay! The role would be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting, particularly in the first few weeks. The work would often go unacknowledged and those around you would most certainly scream and fight. 

The candidates responded with shock and disbelief when they heard the unreasonable job requirements…then when it was revealed that this “most important job” was in fact a job that billions do everyday, it brought the candidates to tears.  The job was simply ‘motherhood’.

The future generation of megastars, world leaders, scientists, and most importantly, other Mums, are in the hands of our Mums.  Each and every day, Mums past, present and those yet to be, develop the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Being a Mum is hard; everything in the video highlights this and so it’s only right and fair that we have a day to celebrate, to honour and to show our love to our Mum’s!

Saying Thanks – with the Gift of Wine!

 As a perfect way to say, hey, thank you! why not treat your Mum (or whoever your mother figurehead may be) to an outstanding wine that they will savour and love!  Wine is a great and obvious choice, and here at Pretty Screwed, we have a few recommendations to enhance the celebrations:

If Mum loves bubbles and sparkles; our ‘Ferghettina, Franciacorta Milledi’ will not disappoint!

A fantastic quality vintage sparkling wine from northern Italy. 

Fresh and elegant with white flower and citrus notes; the palate is complex with brioche and more citrus characters giving a lovely weight and texture. The mousse is fine and persistent.

If Mum loves an awesome well-crafted white; our ‘Stella Bella, Chardonnay’ will get her full attention!

This is a wine of pure elegance and finesse.

Bright pale lemon, an expressive and complex nose with a perfect balance of fresh fruit and savoury complexity. Aromas of freshly crushed lime, nectarine, peach fuzz, and candle wax lift out of the glass. Balanced by subtle roasted hazelnut and flinty aromas from barrel fermentation in the finest quality French oak.

If Mum loves a seriously good smooth red; our ‘Monteagrelo Bressia, Malbec’ will have her relaxing in no time!

A pure and powerful red, with perfected elegance.

Beautiful rich plum and cherry black fruit aromas combined with vanilla, leather and spice notes from the oak and hints of violet. The aromas are fully reflected on the palate along with layers of minerality and meatiness. There’s a balanced acidity which delivers a long-lasting and very moreish finish.

Happy Mother’s Day

So, let’s raise a glass of fine wine to all Mum’s; past, present, yet to be and those lost but forever loved, respected and remembered.  We celebrate you.