Uncorking the pleasures of Fine Wine


Personal favourites from our collection

Pierre Mignon, Champagne, Brut Rosé, Grande Reserve

We love celebrating ‘special occasions’ with a glass of Champagne… who doesn’t? It just so happens that every weekend is a special occasion!

Zephyr, MK III Sauvignon Blanc

What could be more carefree than a warm sunny afternoon, alfresco, surrounded by best friends, never ending nibbles… and of course, a glass of MK III in your hand! George’s choice.

Thistledown, The Basket Case Shiraz

Log burner, throws and candles; all snuggled up chit-chatting about the day and dreaming of tomorrows intents with a glass of this spicy Barossa Shiraz in hand. Fabulous! Linda’s choice.

Riecine, Chianti

The perfect drink at the end of the day!  We love how it effortlessly just keeps on flowing after dinner; all too often, one bottle is never enough!

Established by wine-lovers George and Linda Nelson, Pretty Screwed is on a mission to share their passion of uncorking the pleasures of fine wine.

After quaffing their way around some of the world’s greatest wine regions, they are eager to share their findings with likeminded lovers of this fabulous stuff.

Offering a selection of outstanding wines and something extra-special and different from the lesser known wine producers and suppliers, you won’t find these wines in the local supermarkets!

‘We’re keen to share the delights that a wine can bring.  Often it’s difficult to explain what you can see, smell and taste in a great wine however, you know it’s completely sublime when it drives your sensory organs into a tingling and delightful shudder of pleasure. Add the ambiance of a special occasion to create the perfect moment for a bit of self-indulgent satisfaction… and you’ll be left thirsty for more!’
– George & Linda

Amazing and refined range

Offering an amazing and refined range of unique and outstanding wines from around the world, our aim is to introduce unusual and exceptional wine and champagne direct from the smaller independent producers, to the wine lovers who want something different from what is commonly found on the supermarket shelves.

Our wines will enhance any celebration or they can simply be savoured and enjoyed in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find us showcasing our range of fine wines and champagne at specialist events and country fairs throughout the year.

Passionate about wine

We love what we do because we – and our suppliers – are hugely passionate about wine. We love sharing the ‘feel-good’ stories behind every label. Hard work, determination, experimentation, trials, tribulations and patience are all found in abundance from our producers who ultimately present us with outstanding wines for our enjoyment.

Every bottle of wine provides an experience and a memory of a moment in time. We aspire to deliver a long-lasting and memorable experience for our customers who can responsibly appreciate and savour our wines and champagnes.

What our customers say…

"This wine is made to drink - to quench your thirst - and most of all... to enjoy!"


"I sipped this wine and closed my eyes to let the complex aromas and taste take me right back to the hot, dry and sunny harvest"


"Wine is like life, it’s constantly changing; it’s living and breathing – and this is a super time to drink this wine"


"A truly harmonious wine experience"


"Once you pop the cork... it’s delicious!"


"Pairing this is easy…just me and my glass!"


"I have to say that from start to finish you guys have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a special wine not ridiculously priced"


"Great customer service, also I received my first order today. Excellent service, look forward to buying more from here"